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DPACE: Democracy, Politics and Conflict Engagement


A roadmap for leaders, organizers, activists, conflict professionals, and volunteers in social and political organizations to build their conflict literacy, resilience, and engage with conflict creatively and constructively.



The DPACE Initiative aims to engage with and support conflict resolution professionals in the effort to bring interest-based approach to politics, decision making, problem solving and democracy.  Our goal is to enhance capacity to engage with social and political conflict creatively and constructively. Our goal is not simply to increase civility, but to explore how we can collaborate across our differences and connect with our common humanity.

Mediators Beyond Borders International launched the Democracy, Politics and Conflict Engagement (DPACE) Initiative in early 2019.


Get Involved

DPACE is looking for passionate and skilled volunteers to support the initiative.

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Conflict Literacy Framework
Outreach & Design

Do you have ideas about how to share the DPACE Conflict Literacy Framework with the world?

The need for conflict literacy is great, and the DPACE Initiative has created a Conflict Literacy Framework with many tools that political and social organizations can use to enhance conflict literacy.

DPACE is looking for volunteers with experience in user design and marketing to maximize usability, visibility and accessibility of the toolkit. We want support to connect the toolkit and DPACE services to those who can benefit.

Connect Us with Organizations We Can Benefit

Do you have connections to communities, political groups or social movements who may be interested in or benefit from DPACE’s services?

We are looking for opportunities around the country to help transform the collective capacity to address political and social issues.

If you are involved with or are aware of movements or organizations that are in need of building conflict literacy and skills for engaging in conflict, or if you want support facilitating an important and difficult dialogue, we want to help you. 

Facilitation, Training and Consulting Services

Do you have experience in facilitation, mediation, training, conflict coaching and/or organizational consulting? Do you want to learn?

The DPACE Initiative anticipates the need for conflict resolution professionals to provide facilitation, training and/or consultation to organizations and movements looking for more in-depth help.
If you have these skills or would like training in how to do this work, we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer and we'll connect you with organizations when they are in need.
Financial compensation may be available as things develop.


"We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together and if we are to live together we have to talk."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Elenor Roosevelt